What is InPort?

InPort is the centralized repository of documentation (metadata) for NMFS data and the tools to access the data, as required by the Data and Information Policy Directive and the Data Documentation Procedural Directive.

FIS  NOAA Fisheries

As NMFS’s official metadata catalog, InPort is the single most important component in NMFS Enterprise Data Management (EDM) architecture which enables our customers to find, access and understand our vast array of data and information.

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JAFSC/RACE/SAP/Daly:Juvenile red and blue king crab prey preference experiment conducted in the Kodiak Lab in 2014
Data Set  |  AFSC

This dataset is part of a laboratory experiment, which evaluated how varying ratios of prey species (year-0 blue and red king crabs) and habitat type (shell and cobble) affect prey preference of year-1 red king crabs. The data includes experimental duration, tank number, predator species, prey species, substrate type, initial and final prey densities, number of prey eaten, crypsis indices, and sur...

Entity  |  AFSC


Biologically Important Areas for Cetaceans within U.S. Waters
Data Set  |  OST

The Cetacean Density and Distribution Mapping Working Group identified Biologically Important Areas (BIAs) for 24 cetacean species, stocks, or populations in seven regions (US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, West Coast, Hawaiian Islands, Gulf of Alaska, Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea, and Arctic [encompassing the northeastern Chukchi and western Beaufort seas]) within US waters. BIAs are reproductive...

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