What is InPort?

InPort is the centralized repository of documentation (metadata) for NMFS data and the tools to access the data, as required by the Data and Information Policy Directive and the Data Documentation Procedural Directive.

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As NMFS’s official metadata catalog, InPort is the single most important component in NMFS Enterprise Data Management (EDM) architecture which enables our customers to find, access and understand our vast array of data and information.

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AFSC/REFM: Alaska groundfish AGEDATA database,1982 to present
Data Set  |  AFSC

The AFSC AGEDATA database is a collection of historic and ongoing fish ageing efforts by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Age and Growth Program from 1982 to present. The database contains over 900,000 observations of biological and collection data from survey and observer fish specimen collections spanning from 1976 to 2015. Primarily the species aged are comprised of commercially importan...

Entity  |  AFSC


AFSC/RACE/SAP/Armistead: 1975 - 2014 eastern Bering Sea Crab Distribution For Web
Data Set  |  AFSC

The Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering Division (RACE) of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) conducts bottom trawl surveys to monitor the condition of the demersal fish and crab stocks of Alaska. These data include catch per unit effort for each commercially important crab species at a standard set of stations in the eastern Bering Sea. This is a subset of the main database....

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