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Office for Coastal Management, 2020: Feasibility Planning for Pacific Northwest Blue Carbon Finance Projects - NERRS/NSC(NERRS Science Collaborative),

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Title: Feasibility Planning for Pacific Northwest Blue Carbon Finance Projects - NERRS/NSC(NERRS Science Collaborative)
Status: Planned

This catalyst project takes the next step by demonstrating the feasibility of including carbon finance in funding strategies that support the conservation and restoration of tidal wetlands, eelgrasses, and coastal lowland sea level rise buffer areas in the Pacific Northwest. By evaluating the viability of blue carbon projects at two sites in Washington (Snohomish and Skagit Estuaries) and one in Oregon (Coos Estuary), the project team is advancing local stakeholders’ understanding of next steps for blue carbon management and financing opportunities for land management actions in coastal communities.


Tidal wetlands play an important role in carbon sequestration by capturing a substantial amount of carbon—termed “blue carbon”—and storing it below ground. Since the Verified Carbon Standard first released a draft “Methodology for Tidal Wetland and Seagrass Restoration” in 2013, members of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Blue Carbon Working Group have been working to fill blue carbon data gaps to facilitate the application of this methodology to the conservation and restoration of Pacific Northwest tidal wetlands. This includes data collection and database development efforts, such as the Pacific Northwest blue carbon stocks and database project supported by the Science Collaborative.

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Project Lead

Craig Cornu

Institute for Applied Ecology

(541) 260-2916


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Catalyst – Targeted investment for

advancing collaborative science

Project Collaborators

• Cool Effect

• Environmental Services Inc.

• Institute for Applied Ecology

• Oregon State University

• Padilla Bay National Estuarine

Research Reserve, Washington

• Portland State University

• Puget Sound Partnership

• Restore America’s Estuaries

• Silvestrum Climate Associates, LLC

• South Slough National Estuarine

Research Reserve, Oregon

• Terracarbon, LLC

• The Climate Trust

• Verified Carbon Standard

• Washington Department

of Natural Resources

• Western Washington University


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South Slough, OR NERR

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Padilla Bay, WA NERR

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