From: InPort Admin
To: All Users

InPort System Maintenance Notice: 1:00pm Eastern on Thursday, August 29

InPort Release 4.4.0 will be deployed at 1:00pm Eastern / 10:00am Pacific / 7:00am Hawaii time on Thursday, August 28.

Users should expect a downtime of up to 2 hours.

Impacted Areas:

- InPort Website:

- InPort WAF:

What's New in this Release?

- InPort now supports the ability to upload custom XML files through the use of user-supplied XSLT Transforms from the source format to InPort XML.

- A built-in XSLT Transform for conversion from ISO 19115-2 to InPort XML has also been provided for the Custom XML Loader, enabling the load of ISO 19115-2 files directly into InPort.

- Librarians now have the ability to perform a bulk change of workflow status. This feature is not intended for normal, everyday metadata authoring and publishing, but is provided as a convenience feature for certain circumstances. The feature is available for Librarians from the Item submenu under any Catalog Item.

Version 4.4.0 Release Notes

* IP-2573 - Added support for uploading ISO 19115-2 and custom XML to InPort.

* IP-2701 - Added new web service endpoints for querying and adding Contacts.

* IP-2725 - Implemented bulk change workflow status feature for Librarians.

* IP-2732 - Added job owner details to the Metadata Loader Batch Job report.

* IP-2747 - Enhanced Contacts Form UI to accommodate display of State values.

* IP-2749 - Added a Non-U.S. entry for the State field to accomodate international addresses.

* IP-2584 - Implemented UI adjustments in support of Section 508.

* IP-2641 - Increased the maximum number of child entities and data attributes to 100 and 300, respectively, in the InPort XML export.

* IP-2686 - Added new Rubric views to the ODS.

* IP-2692 - Implemented scheduled job for clean up of the Catalog Status Log table for deleted items.

* IP-2707 - Dropped unused tables used in Contacts migration.

* IP-2709 - Increased the maximum length of Distribution File Name to 100 characters.

* IP-2722 - Set maximum values for Dimension Count and Size for Axis Dimensions.

* IP-2724 - Fixed an issue where duplicate Contacts could be added if email address is blank.

* IP-2726 - Fixed an issue where Data Attribute Primary Key and Required fields were emitted incorrectly in the InPort XML export.

* IP-2727 - Fixed an issue where validation warnings were unintentionally rolled back due to an invalid CC ID.

* IP-2733 - Fixed an issue where Catalog Item History and User History entries appeared out of order.

* IP-2734 - Fixed an issue where the Vertical Extent was calculated incorrectly for the Data Set Completion Rubric Coverage Score.

* IP-2736 - Fixed an issue where validation errors were unintentionally rolled back due to a missing title.

* IP-2737 - Fixed additional issues where validation errors or warnings were unintentionally rolled back due to other errors.

* IP-2739 - Fixed an issue where international addresses could not be entered without providing a State.

* IP-2741 - Increased the maximum length of the Postal Code field to 12 characters.

* IP-2744 - Added a clarification to the warning message when a Contact was not matched by email, but could still be matched by name.

* IP-2746 - Fixed an issue where a CAM user with an incorrect type was created due to the presence of whitespace in the email address.

* IP-2748 - Fixed an issue where the Last Modified Date was not correctly updated for the InPort Admin account.

* IP-2760 - Fixed an issue where URLs which contained parentheses were incorrectly marked as invalid.